State Home Health Agency - For a Better State of Health
Our Services
State Home Health is a Medicare-certified agency offering a wide range of services to patients living in the Chicagoland area,
catering to the needs of each patient individually.
Skilled Nursing
Home Care registered nurses coordinate the patient’s plan of care with a physician and provide following skilled services on an
intermittent basis. The level of care and the number of visits depend on the patient’s needs.
•   I.V. therapies: TPN, antibiotic administration, chemotherapy and pain control.
•   Enteral or tube feedings
•   Instruction for specific conditions or medications. 
•   Post-surgical care: Dressing changes, colostomy care and tracheostomy care. 
•   Urinary catheter changes and care.
•   Collection of lab specimens
•   Wound care

Physical Therapy
A physical therapist provides treatment and instruction to help
restore a patient to his/her highest level of function. Therapy may focus on overall strengthening, or on a specific problem caused by an injury, illness or surgery.
Occupational Therapy
An occupational therapist provides treatment to help a patient gain greater independence in performing daily activities. This may include improving physical dexterity and upper body strength, and regaining the ability to cook, do housecleaning or care for one’s self.
The therapist may also help to obtain specialized equipment for the patient, and arrange for structural alterations to be made to the patient's home for maximum home safety and independence.
Speech Therapy
Speech and language pathologists help patients who have communication difficulties, cognition disorders (problems processing information in the brain) or swallowing disorders.
Home Health Aides
Home health aides help patients with personal care, exercises, meal preparation, and light housekeeping. Patients receiving skilled care may also require a home health aide. 
Medical Social Workers
Medical Social Workers help patients and their families cope with the physical, emotional or financial challenges that often relate to illnesses. Helping patients communicate more effectively with their
physicians, nurses and other caregivers;and serving as a support person for the family in dealing with insurance companies, government agencies and community services are a few of their responsibilities.
Wound Care
A certified nurse provides care and instructions in self-care techniques for patients in need of wound, skin or ostomy care (i.e., colostomy, ileostomy, etc.). The wound care program uses the latest techniques and products to help wounds heal faster.
Diabetic Neuropathy
Physical & Occupational Therapists can provide anodyne treatments to decrease inflammation and increase circulation to tissues and
nerves. Anodyne is a form of light therapy where conductive
pads are attached to the patient, then connected to an infrared wave-producing machine to provide pain relief.